Introducing Our Professional Photographer

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen

Oh, hello. You see, normally we’d be offering all sorts of jargon-free tips about your website and how to make it work harder for you. Developments within the magic world of the web are rapid and vast. I’d actually like to include recipes, too but Richard won’t let me.

So. Today, we had our pictures taken and we were so impressed that I’m going to get all evangelical about it and encourage you, dear reader, to do the same.

We work with a lovely lady called Clare Newton, a skilled and experienced photographer who runs Epic Storm Photography. Remember that we do everything for websites? Well, Epic Storm is one of our business partners and Clare is vair vair good.

Business photography, in particular having a business portrait taken of yourself, may seem like a nice-to-have and not part of your essential marketing budget but WE think:

  • Your website is all about TRUST, the image you create and how you portray yourself to others. Your About Us page really should have your likeness on it.
  • ¬†That’s you, looking professional/approachable/fun/lovely/delete as appropriate.
  • ¬†Website visitors may want to know what you look like. You don’t have to Miss World or Mr Universe but adding a personal touch is a great idea.

And so to Clare’s studio in Hove. An early dilemma: what to wear? Up to you. Take a couple of outfits, if you like. Richard had his suit on (very smart) and I actually w ore my jeans and a top in a colour that suits me. Bit of a mistake, wearing jeans, but we’ll see. I noticed a couple of pairs of angel wings hanging up on the door but decided against those.

Clare Newton

Clare Newton of Epic Storm Photography, Brighton

My God this woman is goooood. She spent over an hour with us, trying out different aspects and poses. The slightest turn of the head, camera angle and posture adjustment made the biggest difference, which was a revelation. We stood up, sat down, smiled a lot and to be honest, rather enjoyed the entire process. I had to keep pulling my stomach in, though. If you’re a girlie, you’ll understand.

Clare’s studio is comfortable, yet professional. She’s got a variety of coloured backgrounds to use and some clever lighting effects, too. I can’t really talk about how many times she changed camera lens because I’m a bit thick about these things but it was all rather cool.

Honestly, you need someone like Clare to tell you how to pose and to keep you in line. She did it in a nice way, though and clearly, very clearly, knows her stuff inside out. It’s the trust thing again and reminded me that you have to believe in what you do in order to convey a confident demeanour.

I reckon she took a hundred images of us. Easily. Watch this space for the finished images. In the meantime, here’s a link to her website again:

Epic Storm Photography

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