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Buderus SSB Heavy Commercial Boilers · Buderus SSB Light Commercial Boilers · Buderus SBWS Boiler Logano G Energy Efficient. Logano G [ Buderus ]. Buderus. G | G | G Cast Iron Commercial Boilers The Buderus commercial Thermostream boilers are designed with many physical. Logano GE – We reserve the right to make any changes due to technical modifications. 2 . Operating conditions for Buderus G and GE cast iron boilers.

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The company includes several factories manufacturing Buderus equipment for heating systems on the territory of Germany and Netherlands.

Dhw Heating GE and GE, Buderus offers complete boiler safety equipment assemblies, which contain an affordable minimum pressure switch with an adaptor for boiler output levels up to kW page Flue Gas Butterfly Valve Page 53 Page 54 – 2-boiler system Ecostream cast iron boil Additional Accessories Ecostream cast iron boilers.

Buderus Ecostream Cast Iron Boiler Logano The cost of investing in and operating a shunt pump is saved due to thermostream technology.

Buderus Logano GE Manuals

Ecostream cast iron boilers. Side Control Unit Retainer Sie finden die Bilder auf der Referenzseite Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 66 1 It is permissible and the norm for expansion lines to be reduced to smaller dimensions at the connectors of expansion vessels or pressure maintaining modules.

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Colder water sinks at the external wall and flows towards the inner heating surface Fig. Page 13 – Parameters of the Ecostream cast iron Page 14 Page 15 – Boiler efficiency Page 16 – Flue gas temperature and boiler efficien Low temperature water heating gas and liquid-fuel boilers; Water heating condensation boilers; Steam generators budfrus steam gas and liquid-fuel boilers; Solid fuel boilers; Automatic monitoring and control systems for any heating loops; hot water supply of apartments as well as complex industrial boilers; Built-in, wall-mounted, floor horizontal, or vertical boilers; Steel panel radiators, bathroom radiators and wall-mounted heated towel rails; Heating system gf and accessories: We recommend system operators conclude a maintenance and inspection contract with the heating contractor or burner manufacturer.

The boiler operates with all kinds of diesel and gas fan-driven burners CE marked; Combines with water-heating tanks Logalux ST three dimension types with the volume l and Logalux LT four dimension types with the volume L of Buderus Series; Combines with different Buderus control systems; Low noise and emissions level; Easy and convenient control; Quick installation, breaking-in and maintenance.

A Flue Gas Temperature Information Regarding All System Examples Systems For Dhw Heating Flue Burerus Sealing Collar Fig. Cleaning Equipment Set Dhw Temperature Control Information On Installation Attention must be drawn to any special considerations regarding maintenance page 24 ; an inspection and maintenance contract is recommended.


Page 8 This creates more intensive heat transfer to the boiler water. Connection for 2nd maximum pressure limiter Tab.

Telecontrol Modem For Optimum Service Installation Room Conditions Gas shut-off device Gas combustion equipment in rooms or the fuel line directly upstream of such equipment must be fitted with a thermally activated gas shut-off device.

Available Drilled Burner Plates Installed Dimensions Tab. Gge the dirt traps every time the heating system is serviced.

Additionalsafety Equipment To Din-en Operating Requirements 2 When the burner is in ON mode, the operating flow temperature must be reached in the boiler within 10 mins and be maintained as the minimum temperature e. Steel – Up To 30 Db a Additional Operating Conditions For Operation With Biogas If the ingress of oxygen into the heating system cannot be prevented, we recommend separating the heating circuit by means of a heat exchanger.

Buderus AG, Germany, was founded in Additional Devices For Sound Insulation Page 39 – Shutdown temperature high limit safety Page 40 – Single boiler system with boiler control Extracts From The Regulations