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Building on its industry leading automatic toolset boujou software, boujou 5 allows This is the first part of a multi step tutorial that teached you how to create . boujou 5 features a new Automatic Sequential Solver, allowing you to track a Even a novice learning from tutorials will be able to use the. Platform: Architectural Association. School: Undergraduate / Intermediate. Course: AAMotionLab. DIP. [AAMotionStudio.

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You will therefore place your first track in the middle of the sequence. Click on Sequence 1 [30 ], change the value in the Add Key field to tutorial, make sure the single image only check box is selected and click Add Key.

There are no more floating predictions. Keep tutoriaos the value of R until the corner of the building tutorialz feature that should be straight lines up with the tutorialw line always straightas shown in Figure If the track stops again because the Break Threshold has been reached, or if the color of the track becomes orange or red at any point between two keyframes: Decreasing this value produces more 3D prediction points, as it allows boujou to use the shorter feature tracks that are available in this part of the sequence.

The Advanced Camera Solve Properties dialog box is displayed. This will give you the best set of frames on which to add approximate cameras on based on the number of feature tracks connecting them, and will also create default camera views on these frames.

Mask and first keyframe in the Timeline 6. Finished sequential solve 3. Notice that, although fewer predictions are generated and the accuracy has improved, the solve is still rather slow. Tutroials axes are colored and the ladybird turns gray to indicate you are in Edit mode.


Choose first camera-height prediction 6.

How to Get Boujou 5 For Free!(Cracked) *Voice Tutorial*

If you double-click Feature Tracking near the top of the Bboujou stack, you will undo feature tracking and everything above it. Advanced users can do a lot more with it and take shots further than ever before without moving to a separate package. Script for Blender 2. Brian Walker I did not write the script. Lines that pass through the center of the image will not appear to be distorted.

Motion Tracking with Boujou 5 & Cinema 4D

Right-click and select Connect Survey Point. Use it to display a close-up view in the Image window of the track, the pattern that you want to select, and the comparison and search regions. The original, distorted images are D1 PAL resolution x Sequential Solver Settings on page Using the Graph Editor on page Creating the Seed Solve In this lesson, you learn how to generate the seed solve that you can use to solve the entire sequence.

This project file already contains a mask so that boujou tracks only the taxi. The higher the Break Threshold value, the worse the health of a track is for a given score see Break Threshold on biujou Click the Track Features button in the Toolbox or press F9. Displaying prediction points 3.

boujou 5 Review: Matchmoving Enters its Maturity | Animation World Network

Predictions created based on locators boujou 5. Press F3 to switch between 2D and 3D view, noting the improved 3D structure.

Locators have been added to the project. Zoom Controls the amount that the image is zoomed in the Image window. Reducing this value decreases the rigidity of the frames that are already solved, giving a more accurate solve for more information, see page From left to right the columns are: A radial distortion value of 0. The 3D structure is good but the camera path as shown by the red line is very noisy. Since, in this case, this range is at the end of the shot and there are no further keyframes, this step is not strictly necessary.


If it is hidden, on the View menu point to Panes and then click Zoom. Target track in Zoom Tool pane If it is not displayed, click on the Zoom tab in the right sidebar. To solve the camera: B-1 Customer Satisfaction Survey To enable you to focus on the channels you want to edit, in the Overlays area of the Graph Editor Controls: The zoomed region is indicated in the Zoom pane overview by a movable yellow border, as shown in Figure The diamond shape represents the keyframe that was created when you added the locator at its first position, as shown in Figure You can also assess radial lens distortion automatically.

Load both exports into your 3D animation package. When you click away from the calibration line, it will turn cyan. In the line beginning Sequence 1 [2 28]: Try a different pair of frames.

This takes the existing camera path, generates some 3D structure, and optimizes the result. You now have a sparse solve with camera positions on each of the solve keyframes. Because there is no depth information in the scene, all of the 3D predictions have been placed at an equal distance from the camera. The Solve Adjust dialog box, shown in Figureis displayed. You initialize the solve key schedule to get boujou to find out the best frames on which to set up your approximate cameras.

Click the Translate button, select the test object, and use the mouse to change the position of the test object.