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Áreas y Volúmenes de Cuerpos Geométricos. Uploaded by Yuri Sanchez. Fórmulas de figuras geométricas concentradas e ilustradas. Save. Áreas y. Guía de área y volumen de cuerpos geométricos. Nombre:: Calcula el área total de un cono de altura 24 cm y radio 7 cm. R: A. T. = ,36 cm 2. Title: ÁREAS Y VOLÚMENES DE SOLIDOS, Author: Jose Ignacio Marquez, Y DE CÁLCULO DE ÁREAS Y VOLÚMENES DE CUERPOS GEOMETRICOS.

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Centroid-Incenter Obtain the distance between the Centroid and the Incenter veometricos a triangle. Circ Calc This program calculates the circumference, diameter, radius, and area of a circle egometricos either the circumference, diameter, radius, or area is given.

Works for both degrees and radians. Volumes of Solids of Rotation v1. The result is displayed in function or parametric graph mode and it can be saved for a future utilization. It still contains the 4 useful formulas. Equation to Point Distance Finds distance between: The program also contains the periodic table. For the 2 pt program, it shows the equation for the line passing through the centers of all circles passing through those two points.

Was part of mw. Valuable Geometric Formulas Obtains several useful and exotic formulas that are frequently overlooked. Shapes Solver This program solves for the lateral area, surface area, and volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres, and finds the area of trapazoids and ellipses.

Le programme trace aussi les points. Bretschneider’s Angle Formula Uses Bretschneider’s Angle formula to find the area of a quadrilateral.

Given input in standard or general form, this program will give the standard form equation, center, radius, domain, range, and produce a graph. Symmedian-Circumcenter Obtains the distance between the Symmedian Point and the Circumcenter in a triangle. In case of one or more points inside the polygon the program calculates also the barycentre of all the points. Geometry Equations Solver This program allows you to keep track of a list of equations, in different catagories, and then recall them later and solve by plugging in values.


Interior Angles Finds the sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon with volumenew sides.

IsTriangle Test whether a triangle with three given side lengths exists. Area and Volumes Equations Contains equations for the areas of 6 different polygons, the volumes of 6 different solids, the surface area of a sphere, and the lateral area of a right circular cone. Area of a Regular Polygon Calculate the area of a regular polygon with n sides, given either the perimeter of the length of a side. Remember to read the readme! Pyramid Pyramid is a program which calculates basic geometric parameters and dimensions of a given regular square pyramid.

It changes back to whatever you had it on when it is done. As an added bonus, it is written completely with dialog boxes and gives the exact and approximate answers.

(Microsoft Word – Ejercicios \341reas y volumenes de cuerpos …

Handy and quick program that saves significant amounts of time and effort. Gives answers in exact and approx form and cleans up after itself by deleting any variables it uses. Calculate pi on your 89 using a simple, easy to understand algorithm. Please read the readme for futher information.


Cartesian Plane Utilities v1. Angle Bisector Given two non-parallel lines on the Cartesian plane, this program finds the two lines that bisect the angle created by the two original lines.

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Ti Conics Suite This all-encompassing Conics Suite calculates Standard Form, the type of Conic, essential information about the graph length of latus recturm, foci, vertices, length of major and minor axis, equation for asymptotes and directrixes.

Point Solver given 2 points or slope and 1 point, solves for equation of line. Incenter-Longchamps Obtain the distance between the Incenter and the de Longchamps Point in a triangle. This version now keeps high scores.

Area y volumenes de los cuerpos geometricos by jocsan reyes on Prezi

Intersection of Four Points Given four points, this function joins the first two and the last two and returns the intersection of those two lines. This is a very useful program that can shave minutes off of your homework.

Heron’s Formula This is a function where cuepos enter the lengths of the sides of any triangle and you get the area. This program allows the user to type in the coordinates for two points and have it calcualate the slope, distance, midpoint, x-intercept, y-intercept, and equation of the line.

All answers are displayed in exact and approximate notation.


Just input the number of sides. ConicEH This program calculates the foci, vertices, and center of an Ellipse or a Hyperbola, conic sections. In the Cheops’ pyramid you can find more than 25 ratios which include the golden mean ratio Phi. Point Line Solver ! These are the most useful group of programs created.