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Washington. Supplementation. page 3 *This regulation supersedes AR – customs. and Visits of Courtesy Guard of the United States. but does not identify. For more information on Customs, Courtesies and Traditions see Army Regulation , Army Command Policy, paragraph ; AR , Salutes, Honors. Study 33 AR Customs and Courtesies flashcards from Cherie K. on StudyBlue.

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To uncased National Color outdoors. General Washington’s order emphasized the significance of organizational colors to the Army by directing quick design and procurement.

The Twilight Tattoo is a time honored military tradition that dates back to the British Army years ago when bugle calls were designed to notify the troops to return to the barracks from the custo,s towns. Divisions, brigades and other organizations have a distinguishing standard that shows the shoulder-sleeve insignia.

You salute to show respect toward an officer, flag, or our country. In the final analysis, military courtesy is the respect shown to each other by members of the same profession.

The way you salute says a lot about you as a soldier. The salute is widely misunderstood outside the military. Courtessies soldier in civilian clothing recites the pledge while standing at attention, facing the flag with the right hand over the heart.

In general, you don’t salute when you are working for example, under your vehicle doing maintenanceindoors except when reportingor when saluting is not practical carrying articles with both hands, for example.

Below the scroll the numerals “” appears in blue to commemorate the year in which the Army was created with the appointment of General George Washington as Commander in 600-255.

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The soldier that utters that sound understands his task and will not quit until it is completed. The coiled rattlesnake and scroll was a symbol that appeared frequently on colonial flags, particularly those representing groups opposed to some aspect of British rule. As the Army got smaller, posts closed and units inactivated, flags and colors moved around to ensure certain units continued.

Customs and Courtesies, AR Flashcards by Al Townsend | Brainscape

Below the cannon are three cannon balls and to the right is a mortar on a trunnion with two powder flasks below. Enlisted personnel are expected to be courteous to officers and likewise officers are expected to return the courtesy. Indoors, unless cuxtoms to an officer or when on duty as a guard.

The fact that the junior extends the greeting first customz merely a point of etiquette-a salute extended or returned makes the same statement. Besides, you know the proper command would be ‘at ease,’ ‘stand at ease,’ courtesiex ‘carry on. As they turned the corner and approached the building, PFC Robertson walked out carrying a large box.

With every note of Reveille or Retreat we call to mind our common bond with soldiers of the Continental Army and the sacrifices soldiers have made ever since.

FM Chapter 4, Customs, Courtesies, and Traditions

If I had been carrying something and he wasn’t, he would have saluted. The music you hear at various hours of the day for example, “Reveille,” “Retreat,” and “Taps” or during ceremonies funerals, change of command, etc. The Colors originated as a means of battlefield identification couretsies performed this function for many years.

Victories in the old days were sometimes expressed in terms of the number of enemy colors captured. As weapons became more lethal, with longer ranges, and required greater dispersal of units, bugles lost effectiveness in controlling units. The fiery regimental spirit fondly polished over decades and centuries possesses him in the face of the enemy. A custom is an established practice.


On ceremonial occasions such as changes of command or funerals. Airborne units’ maroon beret. In combat, individual exploits and personal valor are important, but team effort wins the fight. The Campaigns of the United States Army Their inclusion in the seal 6600-25 the powers and duties of the revolutionary era Board of War for the procurement and handling of artillery, arms, ammunition, and other war-like stores belonging to the United States. Army traditions are the things that everyone in the Army does, everywhere.

When you are dismissed, or when the officer departs, come to attention and salute. At the conclusion of the music, resume your regular duties.

The Army, despite vigorous reorganization in the s and s, carried on the lineage and honors in units that exist still today.

Customs and Courtesies, AR 600-25 Flashcards Preview

Some have been handed down from the distant past while others are of comparatively recent origin. A proud, smart salute shows pride in yourself and your unit and that you are confident in your abilities as a soldier. The colors derive from the campaign ribbon authorized for service in that particular war.