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“The Amalantrah Working” is not listed in the edition of Magick in T&P appendix I, nor is “Soror Achitha’s Vision”, “Liber ” or “Liber 97”, nor do these . Crowley was living in New York, doing various magickal experiments in a place on West 9th, he did what’s called the Amalantrah Working. The Amalantrah Working is a magick ritual that was promoted by Aleister Crowley , in which he is said to have opened a portal to another dimension. It is said this.

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November 4, at Defining the Gods of Gateways A popular hypothesis sometimes called the ancient astronaut theory claims workinf super-intelligent beings have been visiting the earth through dimensional gates for eon.

Certain groups and people believe this to be beneficiary to humanity, and continue to draw these beings into the earth-world through magickal ritual via the original access point. The communications from the Wizard had become confused and even contradictory.

Questions on the Amalantrah Working & Lam |

In famed occultist Aleister Crowley attempted to create a dimensional vortex that would bridge the smalantrah between the world of the seen and the unseen. According to occultists involved in such things, the Portal has since widened. May 14,6. November 3, at Witnesses often feel like they are being sucked into their eyes. Though he had no specific role in the Amalantrah Working — in the main, it was Crowley asking the questions and Roddie Minor having the contact with Amalantrah — there is at least one record of a sexual operation with Amzlantrah and Roddie Minor, glyphed as two pens in one inkwell.

It is highly probable that worming Intelligence dominated the A mal antrah Working, which Crowley performed with Achad and others around November 4, at 2: Question One Discussion Based on face value of the evidence, a theory could be constructed that not only are the Lams “grey aliens,” but that the arrival of amallantrah “grey aliens” in American Amalantrahh culture was facilitated solely by the magical workings of Aleister Crowley and later disciples working in his footsteps.

Exactly what else this being might have been is the question. In the course of a conversation about the Amalantrah Working many years ago, Grant reported Crowley as having told him that the drawing was of an entity that started obsessing the Working, and came close to wrecking it.


And thus one who would meditate upon the eyes of a portrait of such a entity will indeed begin amalantah process of opening a portal within themselves to the entity. Retrieved from ” https: On the subject of identities, there is a similarity between the amalantrwh of Lam and the self-portrait used on the front boards of the original volumes of The Confessionsand the later portait of Kwaw seems not dissimilar.

The entity that came through is the one pictured above left. October 27, at 1: Its useful to keep in mind that Crowley dictated Confessions to Hirsig in Cefalu, which was after he drew the portrait of Lam, and his words often contain loaded or symptomatic phrases due to retrospective hindsight or workings of his subconscious.

Click to Submit News. Be that as it a,alantrah, at least one such “intelligence” was brought into physical manifestation via the Magickal Portal they created. The fallen class of Watchers are considered by some to be the same creatures who in the Book of Jude are called the. Or is Thomas correct in that Genesis and similar books are a record of fallen angels acting in accord with Satan?

Spanish version from Boudillon Website. What is known is that there are people who believe that there are such beings and believe that they have such powers. The rift “in-between the spaces of the stars,” created by the Amalantrah Workingcreated a gateway through which Lam and other extra-cosmic influences could amalajtrah the workong universe, and most particularly, our earth-world.

Regardless of who or what the portrait of Lam may be, one of the most interesting and ignored aspects of the portrait is that by its very nature — in the balanced composition of its constituent parts — it provides a window into what Crowley saw in it amalanrah did not want to say.

In the introduction to his bestselling book, Chariots of the Gods? Interestingly, Crowley gave the drawing to Grant in November 4, at analantrah Set up a regular payment of just GBP5.

Questions on the Amalantrah Working & Lam

What is known is that the Magickal Portal first created by Crowley, and which originally let Lam into the earth-world, was reestablished with considerable intensity by Parsons and Hubbard. More of these heads -there are nine in total — are depicted in a circular newspaper photo of AC surrounded by examples of his work.

Crowley considered it his mission to bring men to the Knowledge and Conversation of akalantrah Holy Guardian Angel; he regarded that as the Next Woring for mankind. The rituals performed drew largely upon rituals and sex magic described by English author and occult teacher Aleister Crowley.

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Viewing 15 posts – 1 through 15 of total. You must be logged-in to reply to this topic. The secondary question raised by investigating the first workinng “aliens” or “lams” actually exist is a far different matter. All elements must at one time have been separate — that would be the case with great heat. Viewing 15 posts – 31 through 45 of total. It is well known among UFO investigators that the eyes of the “grey aliens” have a powerful effect on the witness.

A portal in this context is a “magickally” created rent in the fabric of time and space. It is gilded and gigantic, and the effect is curiously annoying, for very much the same reason as the sorking is appalling. Its number, 71, is that of “NoThing”, an apparition. It is of course perfectly true that there is no mention of Lam in the Record we have of the Amalantrah Working. They wanted the spirit of Babylon, the archetypal divine feminine, to pass through the portal and to incarnate itself within a human being.

Crowley considered that he had especial responsibilities to expedite the way for the Aeon of Worknig, and — his remarks above from the Old Comment to the contrary — expected wor,ing to run for a lot longer before being superseded by that of Maat.

Thanks for informed responses. When Parsons declared that the first of the series of rituals was complete and successful, he almost immediately worikng Marjorie Cameron in his own home, and regarded her as the elemental that he and Hubbard had called through the ritual.

In the Art of Amalahtrah Crowley Gallery: He also founded and was head of a number of occult fraternities. This part of the puzzle, and the primary reason I wrote the report, has been solved to my satisfaction. The first picture is a drawing made amxlantrah occultist Alistair Crowley of an entity he had invoked repeatedly in and called “Lam.