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ISLAM BETWEEN EAST and WEST Alija’Ali Izetbegavic Islam Between East and West ISLAM BETWEEN EAST and WEST ‘Alija’AIi Izetbegovic Third Edition. Islam between East and West by Alija Izetbegovic. Identifier IslamBetweenEastAndWestAlijaIzetbegovic. Identifier-ark ark://t0vq6s It is perhaps not known to many that Alija Izetbegovic, the celebrated Muslim statesman and the President of Bosnia-Herzegovina, is no less gifted as a scholar.

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The liver is an in- comparable chemical plant.

The theory of evolution can neither explain in a satisfactory way the first religious phase of man- kind nor the same phenomena in modem times. The problems discussed in this book coincide in a way with the most specific feature of the present historical situation, namely, the division of the world into two opposing camps, based on ideological conflict.

Islam Between East and West 39 threatened him with severe punishments, He confirmed in the highest way the value of man as a man.

Islam Between East and West – Alija Izetbegović – Google Books

A principle of order, selection, and adaption is all at once attributed to matter — a prin- ciple which by no means enters the definition of matter. Man was also created. See all 10 reviews. Islam between east and west is not a book of theology, it deal with dogmas, institutions and teachings of Islam with the aim of establishing the place of Islam betwen the general spectrum of ideas.

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Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. To sum it up, Izetbegovic stresses that the Anglo-Saxon version of Democracy, as practised in England and America, in its style and content, is entirely compatible with Islam.

The definition that Islam is a synthesis between religion and materialism, that it exists in the middle between Christianity and socialism, is very rough and could be accepted only conditionally.

It is a alijz of the natural, mechanical ele- ments — that is, of the unconscious, senseless elements ef our exis- tence. In some socialist states well-performed work is rewarded with moral stimulants instead of material ones. Marjorie Kerr Wilson New York: Dialectic of Englightenment, trans. Sacrifice has existed in all religions without exception. As a consequence, humankind is dangerously far from the order willed by God.

History has proven that edu- cated men and peoples can be manipulated and can also serve evil, even more effectively than backward people. The other is the history of tools, which is the history of things, and it will end by entering the classless society, the entropy, as the betseen of the material world.

Science, on the other hand, is rela- tively new. In a similar way, shades have a very sensitive electric antenna on their nose which enables them to find food hidden in the sand on the sea bottom. It degrades personality, but it promotes society and makes it more efficient.

The interior of the eyeball is filled with an elastic, transparent, and watery fluid.

Islam between East and West by ‘Alija ‘Ali Izetbegovic

The school which introduces ready-made ethical and political solutions, from the point of view of culture, is barbarian. This spirit of donation permeates the whole life of the tribe: At once, he has become aware that not only is he not animal, but that the meaning of his life is to be found in the negation of the animal inside himself.


As a rule, this is the typical education according to the civilization recipe. Religiousness is inversely and crime is directly proportional to the largeness of a city. The Decline of the West London: The question is whether they can find a way out and remain what they are.

Our schooling promotes only our civilization and does not contribute to our culture. In any event, this idea means an emancipation from the models and the dogmas in which official Mar- xism fettered the development of working-class thought.

Analysis of the book: Izetbegovic, Alija, Islam Between East and West

These facts are the family, material security, happiness, righteousness, veracity, health, education, freedom, interest, power, responsibility, and the like.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Overall, a country man is alive and genuine; overall, an urban industrial bwtween is dead and mechanical.

More than half of the book deals with the differences between the two world views representing the two worlds: