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Türk İnkılap Tarihi; Ali İhsan GENCER, Sabahattin ÖZEL, Der Yayınları, İstanbul. Supporting. Course. Book. 1. Nutuk, C.I-II-III, (M. Kemal ATATÜRK). 2. et Şahin “Nutuk” Gazi Mustafa Kemal Paşa “Türk İnkılâp Tarihi” Dr. Ali İhsan Gencer, Dr. Sabahattin Özel “Türk inkılâp Tarihi” Prof. Dr. Hamza Eroğlu. Atatürk İlkeleri ve İnkılap. Tarihi I. Atatürk’s Principles and History of Turkish Ali İhsan Gencer-Sabahattin Özel, Türk İnkılap Tarihi, İstanbul:Der Yayınları,

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Türk İnkılap Tarihi

Another main reason for this reform was to adopt developments in teacher education tarihk had taken place throughout the world and within the European Union. History and the other curriculum subjects were re-designed in the light of the con- structivist approach, which requires teachers and schools to create an active learn- ing environment. These researchers conducted research on different aspects of history education in Turkey.

The departments were also given another role, supporting the national state, until the end of the s. University of Toronto Press Alu skills of reading, comprehension and expressing themselves and an event. In this year, Ataturk got information about a geography textbook, wherein Turks were mentioned as a sec- ond-class peoples when compared with Europeans. The pace at which activities regarding history textbook writing and creating a na- tional history developed in Turkey accelerated ihdan Beside this, he wanted Turkish historians to explore and write about Turkish history based on their research.

First of all, the main cities of Turkey were occupied by British, French, Italian, Russian and Greek troops, and many tarini were killed by non-Muslim armed bands. Help Center Find new research papers in: Teacher educators have since criticized the pedagogy program, claiming that there has been a decline in the quality of his- tory teacher education.


Use laws and regulations to solve legal problems. Identify main principles constituting jurisdiction. Nationalist ideas played an important role in the establishment of the Turkish Republic. Curriculum Organization of non-thesis history teacher education courses from to The courses that are offered during each semester of the history teacher education program are as follows.

Second, history teacher-students were required to spend 3. During this period, three different programs were designed to educate history teacher-students. When the curricula of history teacher education departments before are examined, it is clear that the great majority were specific history courses, like those in the history departments in arts faculties.

Demircioglu The purpose of this study is to describe history teacher education and history edu- cation in Turkish society.

Gokhan Aydın – Google+

The main purpose of history departments is to educate students as scientists of history. History teacher-students were given a non-thesis master degree at the end of these five years.

Conduct the legal process meticulously in every stage. Carry on their profession personally and within a group in coordination with a team.

If the curricula of history departments are examined, it would seem that the great majority are de- voted to Ottoman and other aspects of Turkish history. In other words, students are expected to learn history and the skills of historians in these departments.

The courses that history teacher candidates were given in education faculties dealt with pedagogy and teaching his- tory. Offer solutions to complicated legal issues that they may face with. According to Turkish Higher Education Council, staff of education faculties should carry out research on how to teach in their field. Yet, although the new history curricula are better than the previ- ous ones, there are no significant differences between the two in terms of contents and aims.

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Apply judiciary case laws to concrete events. Log In Sign Up. History and history teaching remained on inklxp agenda of Turkish society after Ataturk, and history teachers and history lessons were expected to transmit nationalist ideas to Turkish children until the lates.

History Teacher Education System in Turkey Although the origins of teacher education are ihsqn to go back to the reign of Sultan Mehmetthere are not enough reliable resources to confirm this claim. At this point, however, it should be noted some of these studies have methodological problems.

Furthermore, it was believed that the history of the Turks should be researched as far back as the estab- alo of the first Turkish state in central Asia, which was the first homeland of the Turks. Remember me on this computer.

Türk inkılap tarihi – Ali İhsan Gencer, Sabahattin Özel – Google Books

Turkey schools was criticized because, according to some scholars, these courses required students to learn names, dates and events. Turk Turkish II 0 2 0 2.

Almost all teacher education institutions were governed and organized by the Min- istry of Education. There were two main courses focused on in- 14 Ibid.

Turkish Higher Education Council required this staff to study history education rather than history. Access information and use information sources. Furthermore, Turkish historians should indicate that the Turks estab- lished one of the greatest genfer oldest civilizations.