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Alexandria Troas is an ancient city in the Aegean, which was mentioned also in the Bible. All about Alexandria Troas, ancient city near Troy in Turkey, & how to visit it, by Tom Brosnahan. Alexandria Troas is an ancient Greek city situated on the Aegean Sea near the northern tip of Turkey’s western coast, a little south of Tenedos (modern.

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SNG Stockholm ; Duesseldorf It was badly damaged by earthquakes. Commodus, AE17 of Alexandria Troas.

Alexandria Troas was the ancient port city in the Troad, founded by Antigonus I Monophthalmus – akexandria of the generals of Alexander the Great – as Antigoneia. CNGlot Additional sources of income for the city were salty springs in Larisa, mines, farmland, and the income from the temple of Apollon Smintheion.

Several of its later bishops are known: You have to walk or hitch-hike the last leg of the trip – from Dalyan to Alexandria Troas. SNG Tuebingen var obv.

Troas, Alexandreia – Ancient Greek Coins –

Bellinger A var drachm. Elagabalus, AE of Alexandria, Troas. Baldwins 47, lot The people in the audience, in addition to the performances taking place there, could admire stunning views of the entire city, distant ruins of Neandria, the islands of Bozcaada and Lesbos, allexandria the Aegean Sea.


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Alexandria Troas | Turkish Archaeological News

Bronze mm of Alexandria Troas Troy 8. BMC 92; Bellinger Their beylik was conquered by the Ottomans in In its heyday the city may have had a population of aboutPaul, but he fell asleep from exhaustion and fell from the third tras. After all, it was very close to Troythe town that was believed to have been the mother-city of Rome. Caracalla, AE23 of Alexandria, Troas 6. The dimensions of the bath is to 84 meters.

Bellinger ; McClean Commodus, Alexandreia Troas, AE Eski Stambul is the site of an ancient Greek city situated on the Aegean Sea near the northern tip of Turkey ‘s western coast, a little south of Tenedos modern Bozcaada. The port of the city is alexadria a small pink lagoon which can be visited by walking along the beach from Dalyan. SNG von Aulock var endings of both legends. It is estimated that the city had a population ofpeople in the days of its greatest prosperity.


Maximus, AE14 of Alexandria, Troas.

The ruins of Alexandria Troas occupy the area of about hectares, but most of it is heavily overgrown with bushes. CNG 58, lot Constantine I the Great toyed with the idea to make this city the new capital of the Roman empire, before eventually preferring Byzantiumwhich became known as Constantinople and eclipsed Alexandria Troas.

Alexandreia, Troas, AE25, civic issue. Alexandtia Troas, AR tetradrachm.

Helios 5, Lot Bellinger Type 44 A var Commodus. Caracalla, AE23 of Alexandreia, Troas.

Alexandria in Troas

alexandrai Bellinger -; Isegrim -; Chaix: While holding this title, he funded the aqueduct of Alexandria Troas, fragments of which have been preserved to our times. The parking place is situated on the right side of the road, if you are coming from the north, next to the temple in the agora.

Even in the 10th century AD, it appears in historical records as a diocese governed from Cyzicus.