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Alcmaeon of Croton was an early Greek medical writer and . Later authors such as Iamblichus (VP , ), Philoponus (De An. p. 88), and. Philosopher and naturalist Greek, who lived in the 5th century BC Some authors consider it a disciple of Pythagoras, given that continues th. View the profiles of people named Alcmeon de Crotona. Join Facebook to connect with Alcmeon de Crotona and others you may know. Facebook gives people.

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Second, doubts about his date and about the focus of his investigations have made it difficult to place him in the development of early Greek thought. A book titled On Nature is attributed to him, though crotna original title may be different.

Surviving fragments attributed to Alcmaeon include, “The earth is the mother of plants and the sun their father”, and may be also, “Experience is the beginning of learning”, attributed to an Spartan poet named Alcman.

Referred to as [DK]. Aristotle says that cortona of Croton lived when Pythagoras was old,” [ Metaphysics1, v, 30, a] but it would appear that the passage is interpolated. Academic Tools How to cite this entry. No ancient source associates Alcmaeon with reincarnation and his sharp distinction between animals and human beings may suggest that he did not believe in it Guthrie Other scholars regard the remark as genuine e.

Bronze medal devoted to Alcmaeon of Croton. Protagoras Gorgias Prodicus Hippias. He used a political metaphor to define health and disease: More significantly, he used analogies with animals and plants in developing his accounts of human physiology. This is, in fact, not a fragment but a testimonium and much of the language comes from the doxographical alcmwon rather than Alcmaeon.

It is unclear whether Alcmaeon wrote in the Doric dialect of Croton or in the Ionic Greek of the first Presocratics Burkert, n. Alcmaeon discussed a wide range of topics in physiology including sleep, death, and the development of the embryo.

Oxford University Press, — The equality isonomia of the powers wet, dry, cold, hot, bitter, sweet, crotpna. Alcmaeon also was the first to dwell on the internal causes of illnesses.

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An extremely late dating for his activity after BCE makes him appear to espouse the typical views of the age rather than to croton new ground. On this reading Fr.

His celebrated discoveries in the field of dissection were noted in antiquity, but whether his knowledge in this branch of science was derived from the dissection of animals or of human crtoona is disputed. The extent of his originality and the importance of his influence depend to a degree on his dating. The croton of Fragment 2 may be that, whereas the heavenly bodies do join their beginnings to their ends in circular motion, humans are not able to join their end in old age to their beginning in childhood, i.

Finally, a more accurate appreciation of his use of dissection has deflated some of the hyperbolic claims in earlier scholarship about his originality.

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It would be a serious mistake then to say that Alcmaeon discovered dissection or that he was the father of anatomy, since there is no evidence that he used dissection systematically or even that he did more than excise a single eyeball. It has recently been suggested, however, that our sole source for these views Censorinus is mistaken and that, while Alcmaeon thought that both the male and female contributed to the child, only the male contributed seed Leitao Importance and Influence Alcmaeon has been somewhat neglected in recent scholarship on early Greek philosophy e.

DK, A5 There is no evidence, however, that Alcmaeon dissected the eye itself or that he dissected the skull in order to trace the optic nerve all the way to the brain. Xenophanes Pherecydes Hippo Diogenes Alcmaeon. However, certain parts of the catalogue are very unlikely go back to Aristoxenus and we cannot be certain that the inclusion of Alcmaeon was due to him Huffman— Aristotle wrote a treatise responding to him, Plato may have been influenced by his argument for the immortality of the soul, and both Plato and Philolaus accepted his view that the brain is the seat of intelligence.

Greek texts of the fragments and testimonia with commentary in Latin.

Alcmaeon (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Certainly most of the opposites which are mentioned as crucial to Alcmaeon do not appear in the Pythagorean table of opposites, and there is no trace of the crucial Pythagorean opposition between limit and unlimited in Alcmaeon. Some scholars exclude the material in brackets above because it is hard to see how to connect it to what precedes e. Alcmaeon had considerable impact on his successors in the Greek philosophical tradition.


Fondation Hardt, Entretiens At one extreme we might suppose that Alcmaeon only developed the simple argument from analogy, which Aristotle assigns to him De An. Sense organs also have pores, but these function not to connect the sense organ to the seat of intelligence which for Empedocles is the heart but to determine whether the sense organ can receive the effluences that are poured forth by external objects Solmsen; Wright Certainly allcmeon evidence for his cosmology is meager.

Moreover, while humans cannot attain clarity about what cannot be perceived, Alcmaeon thinks that they can make reasonable judgments from the signs that are presented to them by sensation tekmairesthai. Parallels with medical treatises suggest that, after first raising difficulties about medical knowledge in these matters, Alcmaeon may have gone on to assert that these difficulties can be ceotona with the proper teaching, the teaching that followed in his book.

Alcmaeon of Croton – Wikidata

The range of his work in biology is remarkable for the early fifth century and he may have initiated a physiological emphasis in Greek philosophy which was not crotoha in Ionian philosophers, such as Anaximander and Anaximenes, and set the agenda in this area for later Presocratics Zhmud a, Cambridge University Press, — The best overview in English. Presocratic cosmologies of this period devoted some attention to questions of human physiology and medicine, and conversely the early treatises in the Hippocratic corpus often paid some attention to cosmology see Aristotle, Resp.

Pluralist Anaxagoras Archelaus Empedocles. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat