About Us

Solid Web Strategies is a web specialist company and full service digital agency. If you’re looking to get up and running on the internet or if your website needs a re-vamp (or a thorough re-evaluation), you need look no further.

Bespoke Web Development and Design

We have several years’ sales and marketing experience and can guide you on the ideal layout, style and message for your website. Solid Web Strategies will develop your site with top class, mistake-free coding so that search engines will rank you without effort. We’ll design your site specifically for your target market, we’ll make it easy to navigate…and EASY to turn visitors into prospects.

Content Writing

We ask of you one thing: please don’t write your own website content. It will take hours of your time, you’ll find it very tough and you may not be aware that writing for the web, for your customers and for search engines has never been harder if you’re not aware of how to do it properly. Our content specialist is an experienced copywriter who understands:

  • how to talk to your target market
  • how to grab your audience’s attention and create effective calls to action on every page and
  • how to write to appeal to search engines


Search Engine Optimisation. Launching your website without SEO is like having your shiny new car delivered to your driveway…but without the keys. Or any petrol. Using only legitimate “white hat” techniques, Solid Web Strategies will work on your new (or existing) website so that search engines will find it, notice and add it pro-actively to “the list”.

You need time, energy and commitment to keep your website SEO-friendly so we’ll work hard on your behalf to support your marketing strategy.

Beware of wild promises with SEO. Your rankings will depend on your location, your industry sector and your services. That’s all we’re saying.

Website Hosting

If you’re running a website, it will need to be hosted (or in effect stored) on a remote, separate web server, hence the need for web hosting services.

A web server is simply a computer much like the one you’re using but much larger, faster and specifically geared to a single task, which is making sure that your website remains a steady presence on the internet.

We offer unlimited web hosting, which means that there’s no cap on the number of visitors your website can receive, nor a limit on its size.


Business Photography

Your website is your shop window. Customers will visit, browse, stay or go; if your website looks good, educates, informs, adds value or answers a visitor’s question in some way, you may well get some quality enquiries.

Part of the overall impact will be how you present yourself. So, consider having your photo taken professionally, after all YOU are a professional and you’re good at what you do. Our photographer will portray you in such a way to appeal to your demographic. Well worth the investment, wouldn’t you say?

Liking what you’re reading? It’s all very easy to get started to give us a ring or Contact us for more information.